An international group of integrated, customer experience agencies, with a unique approach, allowing us to provide the very best expertise to every part of your CX challenges.

Redefining Customer Experience

The Customer Bureau is an international group of innovative startups, all focused on helping iconic brands become customer centric.

We provide all of the standards, software, services and resources needed by consumer-facing organisations to understand their customers, and deliver an effective customer experience.

Solving CX.

Our expert teams feature some of the industry’s leading minds.

Benefit from the world’s best CX experts, methods, software, and services.

Put them to work for your brand and build an incredibly effective customer experience.

Our brands

Blending specialist expertise, disciplines, and services sets the tone for cross agency information sharing, collaboration and coordinated solutions to complex problems.
Aligned on goals and vision, bolstered by a depth of accountability and understanding to challenge all other business models TCB’s approach is everything you need to achieve outstanding customer experience.

Europe’s leading Customer Experience consultancy

We are the original CX consultancy, and that is still all we do.

We have done this many times before and we won’t get distracted by other topics or projects.

Enterprise ready

We combine experience from the world’s largest consultancies, boutiques and marketing agencies. We are comfortable working in complex transformation programmes with multiple suppliers and numerous stakeholders.

Creative and analytical

We bring together award winning creatives and highly qualified analysts in one team. This means that we can deliver the sparkle as well as the bottom-line benefit.


We help you understand the full end-to-end service model across touchpoints and achieve full operational alignment.


Customer Strategy

Develop your future-state brand vision based on potent/effective principles, and a detailed, actionable implementation plan.

Proposition Design
Define, create and present compelling customer offerse offers.
Service Design
Ensure successful target propositions and experiences by designing services that your customers want and need.
Operations Design
Customer experience and profitability targets can only be realised with the use of highly effective and efficient customer operations.
Innovative digital product agency

Engineered combines consulting and hands-on delivery capability to help brands compete in this changing world by designing and building digital products that delight their customers. This is done by helping brands develop their in-house digital product capability with 3 Core propositions.

Capability Development

It is is essential for any modern brand to have full control of your digital interactions, and this may require the development of your in-house digital product teams. This need to manage your digital teams, customer interactions, and react quickly to new market opportunities or threats is critical to success.

Resource Augmentation

In some scenarios you may simply need to accelerate your digital product delivery. Brand agility is key to efficient product delivery and meaningful business change or execute strategy. Capacity can be a major blocker uncovering challenges with short term forecasting and talent acquisition or retention.

Product Engineering

With the constantly shifting sands of digital products, business and especially eCommerce it is important to be able to innovate new business models, services and proportions - and do it swiftly! Business innovations are very often tech-enabled and require new digital products for concept validation, trials, iterations and ultimately launch. At Engineered we help brands expedite these new digital products to allow them to innovate and progress at the necessary pace.

The only learning provider in the world that considers CX as an integrated discipline.

Customer Experience is more than just a department, it is everyone’s mission. Our curriculum builds disciplines that drive outcomes (not just outputs), and enables customer centricity across UX, Digital Product Management, Service Design, CX Strategy and Customer Science (based on the Customer Operating SystemTM).


Immersive rapid upskilling bootcamps

Problem we are solving:

“We have a clear need to upskill/reskill our employees to do the UX, Service Design, Digital Product Management, CX Strategy and Customer Science in the customer centric and outcome focussed way.” 

5x full bootcamps

3x micro-bootcamps

2x on-demand courses
(more to come)

Select and choose.

Learning Design as a service

(build your courses with us)

Problem we are solving:

“We have content, knowledge on what we want our employees to know, but we need support in making it
into the learning program.”

  1. Your objectives
  2. Your material
  3. Our learning design expertise
  4. Our CX standards

(Customer Operating System,
The Customer Way, Comprehensive Design)

Design your own Customer Experience Academy

Problem we are solving:

“We have a hard time to hire CX talent due to [insert challenge, e.g. – salary expectations, high demand for the talent] and we have a hard time to get them fully aligned with our way of doing CX.”

  1. Your talent gap identified
    together or by you
  2. Selected talent
    sourced by us or by you
  3. Program defined & run with
    several bootcamp rounds to
    build well equipped CX team
  4. Technology modelled to
    support the individual path

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